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  • Your situation:
    Your company is in a growth phase. A new location is being established or a relocation is necessary. There are not enough in-house resources to handle these organisational changes.


  • Our solution:
    The interim manager supports you in the growth phase and manages the establishment or relocation of the site.


  • The effect:
    Efficient, rapid solution and fulfilment of tasks. Goal-oriented approach of the interim manager who, as an external party, assesses situations impartially.


  • Your advantages:

    • The interim manager is immediately available, his assignment takes effect immediately.
    • Short training period of the interim manager due to experience in similar situations.
    • After completing the task, the interim manager leaves your company.




  • Your situation:
    Your company is heading for a crisis. The symptoms of the crisis are already reflected in the financial situation. Liquidity bottlenecks occur, the danger of over-indebtedness becomes acute. There is a need for additional managers with appropriate qualifications and experience in the commercial field.


  • Our solution:
    Based on his experience from successfully solved crisis situations, the interim manager quickly and efficiently develops effective countermeasures and supports immediate implementation. The optimisation of business processes as well as the identification of savings potentials under the aspect of cost/competition pressure are necessary to enable the turnaround. From a strong, objective position of the interim manager, your company is successfully brought back on track together with you. Translated with (free version)


  • The effect:
    Rapid availability of an experienced, highly qualified manager. The effectiveness of the measures taken is already noticeable after a short period of time, as the interim manager has already had to pass in similar situations and therefore intervenes with routine.


  • Your advantages:

    • The use of the interim manager is quickly effective.
    • Well-founded experience in similar situations implies a low degree
      on the training period of the interim manager.
    • Objectivity of the interim manager, who as an external,
      assesses situations impartially.
    • After completing the tasks, the interim manager leaves the company.




  • Your situation:
    The finance department is reorganised in the company. Integration of the company into an international group, integration of acquired companies or divisions, merging of different finance departments, changes in processes, require significant adjustments in the finance area. These changes lead to highly specialised and focused management needs.


  • Our solution:
    The required specialist position is filled with an interim manager who brings additional creative potential, know-how and experience to the company.


  • The effect:
    The interim manager brings new ideas, pragmatic concepts and drive to implementation. The focus of his work is on the realignment of the financial sector. His actions quickly bring the desired results.


  • Your advantages:

    • The interim manager's experience from successfully completing similar tasks in other companies allows him to act quickly and confidently.
    • Unburdened by internal coalitions, the interim manager has great assertiveness.
    • The interim manager does not pursue any personal career goals in your company, but only your company goals.
    • After completing his task, the interim manager leaves the company.