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We bridge vacancies!


  • Your situation:
    Loss of a financial executive due to e.g. unexpected resignation,
    Sickness or maternity leave.


  • Our solution:
    The vacant position is filled 'ad interim' with an interim manager until a permanent successor can be found.


  • The effect:
    Rapid filling of the vacant position and bridging of unforeseen management gaps. Pending tasks as well as problems are solved immediately and do not remain undone.


  • Your advantages:
    • No costs for recruitment of interim managers.
    • Short training period of the interim manager due to many years of experience "on the job"; experience as a manager in different industries.
    • Elimination of additional burdens for colleagues & employees in your company
    • The interim manager is fully integrated into tasks and, if desired, into the hierarchies of responsibility in the company.
    • The strict factual and task orientation of the external manager leads to quick, goal-oriented results.
    • The use of the interim manager with cross-industry experience in the commercial sector brings lasting benefits for your company. The transfer of knowledge associated with the activity, which takes place in your company, represents the basis for sustainable solutions.
    • You gain time for planning further procedures regarding the vacant position.
      If necessary, the interim manager supports you in recruiting a successor.