• Your situation:
    Loss of a financial executive due to, for example, unexpected resignation, illness or parental leave.

  • Our solution:
    The vacant position is filled with an interim manager until a permanent successor has been found.

  • The effect:
    Quick filling of the vacant position and bridging of unexpected management gaps.
    Pending tasks and problems can be resolved immediately rather than put off indefinitely.

  • Your benefits:
  • No cost arising from the search for interim managers.
  • Short induction period requirement for the interim manager due to long-term
    on-the-job experience; executive experience in a range of industries.
  • Coworkers and employees in your company are relieved of additional burden.
  • The interim manager is fully integrated in tasks and, to the extent you desire, accountability structures within the company.
  • The external manager's strict focus on facts and tasks leads to fast and goal-oriented results.
  • The interim manager's work with their financial experience among various industries will yield lasting benefits for your company. The transfer of know-how into your company associated with their activities will form the basis for sustainable, long-term solutions.
  • You gain time to plan your further procedure with regard to the vacant position. At your request, the interim manager will support you in recruiting a successor.