Specializing in interim management and financial consulting, brain.firm offers successful support to companies in local as well as international environments.

With a focus on finance and accounting, management accounting, reporting & treasury, we offer solutions and implementation concepts tailored to customer-specific problems to help achieve envisaged corporate and project objectives.

As a flexible and competent partner for a limited period of time, brain.firm will handle, quickly and efficiently, complex situations and tasks which – often due to bottlenecks in internal company resources – appear very tedious or even impossible to solve.

Outstanding qualifications and many years of practical experience in top management positions in various industries enable brain.firm to perform at the highest level. We bridge vacancy gaps or supplement your team in cases of personnel shortages or projects with temporary management needs. Our core competences include professional change management just as much as project management beyond your day-to-day operations.


In order to serve our clients with the ideal know-how and experience at any time,
we will consult specialists from within our network if required.